Girls FastPitch Softball

The Fence Drill


Outfielders work on enjoying the ball on the fence.

Drill Setup

  • Outfielder units up 5-10 yards from a fence or wall.
  • For those who don’t’ have entry to a fence, place a row of cones marking the situation of the fence for the aim of this drill.

The way it Works

  1. Coach throws a ball excessive and deep.
  2. Outfielder turns and runs again.
  3. She finds the fence after which leaps (or comes ahead) and makes the catch.
  4. Subsequent outfielder goes.
  5. After the excessive and deep throws, outfielders work on catching the ball that “threads the needle” between the outfielder and the fence.

Teaching Suggestions

  • On the excessive and deep balls the outfielder must be feeling for the fence with an outstretched arm.
  • When making an attempt to catch a “thread the needle” ball the outfielder must be utilizing her peripheral imaginative and prescient to see the wall – it can get greater as she will get nearer to it.

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