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See Your Means Clear to Higher Pitching Mechanics

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When I’ve a younger scholar who’s having issue making the transition from close-up drills to full-distance (or practically full distance) pitching, I’ll typically inform her to shut her eyes and movie that she continues to be throwing into the display screen, internet, tarp, backstop or no matter else we had been simply utilizing. By taking the distraction of how distant the plate is she is then capable of give attention to the one finish she will management – the top she is on.

It’s superb how typically that works. Which is why, by the way in which, I’m all the time amused at coaches who yell at catchers to “give her a much bigger goal” when the pitcher is having management hassle. I wish to yell again “the catcher isn’t the issue; proper now your pitcher couldn’t hit an archery goal.”

However there’s one other aspect to this story. A pitcher’s eyes could be an vital contributor to bettering her mechanics if she learns the way to use them appropriately. That doesn’t imply staring down the goal with a laser-like focus, nevertheless.

On the contrary, it typically means doing the other, i.e., trying away from the place she’s throwing to assist her see what she will’t really feel proper now. Many people our visible learners, and having the ability to see what we’re making an attempt to do will help us get there sooner and extra successfully.

Right here’s a great instance. Many pitchers are taught that they need to flip the ball towards second base on the prime of the circle and have the hand on prime of the ball as they arrive down the again aspect of the circle. That’s simply flat-out mistaken as you will note if you happen to watch movies of what elite-level pitchers do.

However after months or years of drilling from the “T” place (each arms outstretched fully from the shoulders) with their arms going through down it may be a tricky behavior to interrupt. They could be making an attempt to maintain the hand below the ball at three:00 and pull it down into launch, however they’re unaware that they’re first turning it over to start out the movement.

Right here’s the place the eyes are available in. From the “W” place (arms once more outstretched, however this time with the arms shoulder-high and the elbows bent beneath to kind a kind of W) have her flip her head again and watch her hand as she begins the throw. That method she will see instantly whether or not her hand turns over so she will be taught to cease doing it.

Inserting the main focus of her imaginative and prescient on her hand additionally locations the main focus of her thoughts on staying palm-up, which helps shorten that studying curve. As soon as she begins down that method she is prone to keep that method into launch, or a minimum of near it. If needed she will all the time watch her hand all the way in which down.

For those who do it from a brief distance right into a internet or fence (as an alternative of throwing to a catcher) you’re taking out any issues about accuracy which once more lets her think about the motion. In fact, if she will get the motion proper her accuracy will enhance anyway so it’s a win-win.

One other method to make use of the eyes in a artistic method is with pitchers who’re having hassle going straight down the facility line. They launch out and find yourself both approach to the proper or approach to the left, neither of which is conducive to nice pitching.

For those who’re utilizing a pitching mat that already has a line in it, otherwise you’ve drawn an influence line within the filth open air, have your pitcher take a look at the road as an alternative of on the catcher.


Like this one, solely with out the worn-out spot.


Keep in mind that one of many massive causes for happening the facility line is so the pitcher can throw the ball the place she is meant to as an alternative of going everywhere. By utilizing her eyes to go down the road you simply would possibly discover that her accuracy improves although she’s not trying on the goal in any respect.

That is a lot the identical precept you’re supposed to make use of in bowling, by the way. Nice bowlers don’t take a look at the pins. They take a look at these little arrows on the lanes and attempt to throw the ball there. (I can hear a few of you already saying “Oh, THAT’S what these arrows are for.”)

They know in the event that they get the ball in simply the proper place on the arrows, the far finish (the place the pins are) will care for itself. So it’s with pitchers and the facility line.

Mirrors (or any reflective floor equivalent to a window) can be very useful in correcting pitching points. Do you may have a pitcher who struggles to take care of good left-right posture at launch (i.e., she leans out to her throwing-hand aspect)?

Put a vertical line on a mirror with masking or painter’s tape, have the pitcher line her heart up with it, after which have her throw a rolled up pair of socks or a Nerf ball into the mirror. As she will get to launch, she ought to see whether or not she is vertical or leaning out to the aspect. A couple of dozen repetitions ought to have her feeling when she has good posture and when she is leaning.

The mirror can be a good way to see if her hips are remaining stacked up below her shoulders or if she is clearing house to the aspect or making a “monkey butt” transfer. If the hips aren’t stacked up below the shoulders and turned in 45 levels or so to the plate it’s tough if not not possible to get a brush set off.

By checking her hip place within the mirror, the pitcher can ensure that she has the optimum posture to ship the ball with the best velocity and accuracy.

These are only a few examples. The important thing takeaway is that the pitcher’s eyes don’t need to be locked on to the catcher’s glove or another goal to be efficient.

If she is having hassle studying a transfer, apply visible studying rules and have her use her eyes to see what she must do and whether or not she’s really doing it. It could actually make all of the distinction on this planet.

And if you happen to’ve had a pitcher use her eyes to look at part of the pitch to make a correction please make sure you share what you probably did within the feedback beneath so the remainder of us can be taught.


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