Girls FastPitch Softball

Open Door Drill


Pitcher works on deliver hip ahead and “slamming the door.”

Drill Setup

  • Pitcher stands in entrance of wall (or internet or fence or catcher).

The way it Works

  1. Pitcher will get in open door place.
  2. She throws the ball in opposition to the wall bringing her hip ahead and “slamming the door.”
  3. She goes and will get the ball.  She goes again to her unique place and throws it once more.
  4. Full three units of 10-15 throws.

Teaching Ideas

  • Pitcher ought to be bringing her glove arm up and pointing towards the goal.
  • She must also be “taking pictures the gun” when she releases the ball – thumb and index finger type a gun.
  • Pitcher’s arm ought to be barely “within the door” (in entrance of hip) earlier than hip comes ahead and slams the door. If pitcher is transferring her hip too quickly ball will go off to the facet as an alternative of straight to the wall.

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