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High 5 At-House Softball Drills

In search of at-home softball drills? Listed below are our prime 5,  with a deal with hitting and fielding fundamentals.

Each could be accomplished in your again yard and even indoors, solo or with a companion

For an entire exercise, carry out three units of every drill for 30 seconds every – 15 units in whole. Begin sluggish, then pace up when you’ve mastered the mechanics.

#5.  Step Drill


Prevents batter from stepping out throughout her swing.

The way it Works

  1. Batter stands in regular batting stance.
  2. Place a towel or one thing else comfortable the place the batter is stepping out.
  3. Batter will get into regular stance.
  4. Bat parachute or towel or different merchandise is positioned on the bottom the place step out happens.
  5. Batting observe is thrown – both by coach or pitching machine.
  6. Batter is aware of by really feel and coach by sight if batter steps out throughout swing.

Teaching Ideas

  • On this drill, it’s higher to make use of one thing comfortable like a bat parachute or towel as an alternative of one thing arduous and doubtlessly harmful like a bucket or a ladder. You simply need the batter to concentrate on what they’re doing.
  • Batter ought to be taking a pleasant, small stride proper towards the pitcher.

#four.  Towel Bat Drill


Enhance bat pace by way of underloaded coaching. This additionally makes a fantastic warm-up drill.

At-Home Softball Drills - Towel Bat Drill

The way it Works

  1. Take an previous or cracked bat. Noticed it off simply above the trademark and fasten a hand towel to the tip with a screw.
  2. Take warm-up swings with the towel bat.
  3. Attempt to snap the towel by way of the zone.

Teaching Ideas

  • Swinging a light-weight towel bat will get the fast-twitch muscle fibers to fireplace – you want these muscle fibers for max bat pace
  • Hitter ought to be “popping” her arms as she swings.
  • You need to use a weighted bat first to loosen up the physique, then swap to the towel bat to actually interact these fast-twitch muscle fibers.

#three.  Flat Bat Drill


Teaches participant to hit by way of the softball.

Flat Bat Softball Hitting Drill

The way it Works

  1. Place a tee in entrance of a web.
  2. Take a bat and shave it down on two sides to create flat surfaces.
  3. Then wrap tape across the barrel to stop it from splintering.
  4. Place ball on tee.
  5. Take a swing and try and hit the ball with the flat or shaved down aspect of the bat.

Teaching Ideas

  • The goal of this drill is to hit the ball off the flat floor of the bat.
  • If a batter rolls over on her swing she ought to really feel it in her arms.
  • This can be a nice drill for instructing the batter to hit “three softballs” – this implies she ought to be swinging alongside the airplane of the ball for a distance of three softballs. She shouldn’t be upper-cutting (pop up) or rolling over on the ball (floor ball).
  • If a batter over-strides on her swing put a rubber band tubing from one ankle to the opposite to shorten the stride.

#2.  Blind Drill for Fielding


This drill helps fielders shortly find a fly ball ball within the air and get a great soar on it. Stresses good communication among the many outfielders.

At-Home Softball Drills - Blind Fielding

The way it Works

  1. Participant and coach stand roughly 20 yards aside in an open area. The participant has her again to the coach.
  2. On “Go”, the ball is tossed within the air.
  3. The fielder turns and switch and finds the ball within the air, then runs to catch it earlier than it hits the bottom.
  4. In case you are operating this drill with two gamers, they need to first talk with one another as to who’s going to catch it. The outfielder who just isn’t catching the ball ought to assume a backup place.
  5. Outfielder catches the ball and throws it again to the coach.

Teaching Ideas

  • Outfielders ought to be calling loudly for the ball – “ball, ball, ball” or “mine, mine, mine” or “I obtained it, I obtained it, I obtained it” or one thing comparable. –
  • The centerfielder is “the king of the outfielders” and overrules the opposite two.
  • Outfielders ought to be catching the ball with glove foot ahead so they’re positioned to make a great sturdy throw.

#1.  Load Hitting Drill


This drill reminds the batter to maintain her load brief and arms within the hitting place when loading.

The way it Work

  1. Participant stands at residence plate or one other space on the sector. Coach stands behind participant.
  2. Participant will get into batting stance.
  3. Coach says, “Load.”
  4. Participant strikes physique again into load place.
  5. Coach has her hand towards participant’s rib cage and gives gentle resistance to remind participant to stay brief when loading.
  6. Return to regular batting stance and repeat.

Teaching Ideas

  • Batter’s arms ought to be again behind the shoulder.
  • Again knee ought to be contained in the again foot.
  • Again aspect of batter mustn’t fall again. It ought to stay agency and press towards the coach’s hand.

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