Girls FastPitch Softball

Full Circle Drill


Teaches pitcher to finish a full arm circle when pitching.

Drill Setup

  • Pitcher stands with a ball and glove.

The way it Works

  1. Pitcher begins with arm down, wrist cocked, fingers pointed towards the catcher.
  2. Arm swings again. Arm comes ahead, wrist rotates so fingertips are towards the bottom.
  3. Ball goes as much as the sky. Then it comes again down, elbow goes into waist and pitcher executes the wrist snap.
  4. Full three units of 10-15 wrist snaps.

Teaching Ideas

  • Wrist ought to be cocked on a regular basis to the wrist snap.
  • Drill could be run right into a wall in addition to into the glove.
  • Have starting pitchers run this drill and the earlier three for three to four weeks earlier than they ever take the mound to forestall damage and maintain them from growing dangerous habits.
  • Inform pitchers to think about a wall in entrance of them and the ball is the chalk and they’re utilizing it to attract a circle on the wall.

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