Girls FastPitch Softball

Flat Bat Drill


Teaches participant to hit by way of the baseball.

Drill Setup

  • Place a tee in entrance of a web.
  • Take a bat and shave it down on two sides to create flat surfaces.
  • Then wrap tape across the barrel to stop it from splintering.

The way it Works

  1. Place ball on tee.
  2. Take a swing and try to hit the ball with the flat or shaved down aspect of the bat.

Teaching Suggestions

  • The goal of this drill is to hit the ball off the flat floor of the bat.
  • If a batter rolls over on her swing she ought to really feel it in her fingers.
  • It is a nice drill for educating the batter to hit “three softballs” – this implies she ought to be swinging alongside the aircraft of the ball for a distance of three softballs. She shouldn’t be upper-cutting (pop up) or rolling over on the ball (floor ball).
  • If a batter over-strides on her swing put a rubber band tubing from one ankle to the opposite to shorten the stride.

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