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Cutoff Softball Fielding Drill – Softball Spot


This drill covers the correct footwork and physique rotation wanted to carry out a quick cutoff and remove any pointless steps whereas turning and throwing the ball .

Set Up

  • One participant or coach begins with the ball within the outfield.
  • The opposite participant is at one of many infield positions.
  • A teammate or web will be positioned at residence plate to catch the ball.


The infielder faces the participant who’s throwing to her and raises her palms to point out a goal to the throwing participant.

Receiving the throw

The outfielder throws the ball.  Catch and switch.

Catch and TurnCatch and TurnCatch and Flip

The baseman begins to show her physique because the ball approaches.

She catches the ball and continues to show her physique in a single fluid movement so she is dealing with her goal.

Turn and ThrowTurn and ThrowFlip and Throw

Teaching Ideas

  • Remind gamers that if their physique is just not turned whereas catching, the bottom runner will acquire two further steps (six ft) whereas the baseman is repositioning herself to make the
  • This drill will be carried out individually by holding a ball, working towards the turning method and throwing to a web.

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